QuoteActions is an automated email content tool to stay top of mind for your clients.

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​The problem is you need to stay top of mind for your clients to offer them your services.

That's hard because people are busy, and the world is noisy, so it's easy to get overlooked or forgotten in the time of need.


A strategy is required to stay relevant to your clients when your services are needed.


Creating content can be a nightmare for professionals with busy schedules who are focused on providing valuable services to your clients.

​The solution is content that provides value to your clients and reminds them of the work you do. 

QuoteActions delivers positive and inspirational email content with actions connected to the quotes for intentional living.


Hundreds of pre-written QuoteActions to offer a deep supply of content with no effort on your part (other than the initial setup of your account). 


The frequency of sending can be adjusted based on the needs of your clients and the timeliness of your business.

Watch this 80-second video to see how it works: 

QuoteActions is a powerful tool to stay top of mind for your clients without the need of creating endless content.


This allows you to do what you do best - provide high-quality services to your clients - all while growing your business!

That means you'll have more time and energy to focus on the important matters in your life and business like: 

  • Spending more quality time with your family

  • Enjoying the hobbies you love

  • Building the vision you have for your company

  • Inspiring your team into action

  • Maybe even do nothing ;)


A simple tool like QuoteActions can help free you from the need for continuous content creation.

We respect your privacy and never sell your data or use it for advertising.



QuoteActions is strictly an ad-free product.

Start your 30-day trial for $1 today!

After your trial, it's only $24.95 billed monthly and can be canceled at any time.  

Branded Email Content Delivered To Your Clients

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Revenue increases of 5% to 95%



Happy Customers

“QuoteActions is the perfect system for BNI Directors, members and small business owners to consistently keep the value of their brand fresh in their contacts’ minds. As a recipient of QuoteActions myself, I can tell you that the daily messages I receive are truly enjoyable and any business owner will benefit from being a QuoteActions sender. Sending the gift of a simple, positive message accompanied by a motivational action is not only easy and affordable, it’s a great reflection of the Givers Gain® philosophy.”

Dr. Ivan Misner - Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
BNI - Business Network International


How QuoteActions Work

QuoteActions are short pre-written email messages containing an inspirational quote followed by a suggested action to bring the message to life.



They serve as a welcome uplifting break from the everyday grind.

People choose to receive them from you 1, 2 or 5-days a week.

Here's an example:

Step 1: Upload your photo, logo, contact information and your customer database .csv list - we never share your list and we respect your privacy.

Step 2: Click “send” to invite your people to receive your personalized QuoteActions.


Step 3: Continue to add more subscribers by inviting people to receive your QuoteActions via your email signature, your website social media, or your newsletters.

That's it!



Sit back and relax — the system runs on autopilot.


QuoteActions are your gift to people you meet and network with!

QuoteActions Beginnings

QuoteActions is a tool created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. Rick Itzkowich, the founder and creator, was having trouble growing his personal development business and needed a solution to reconnect with his prospects.

This was during the recession in 2007, so the business environment was struggling. He needed something that would be cost-efficient, effective, and provide value to his clients. It started out as articles his former business partner was writing but quickly proved to be a nonstarter as it was too time-intensive for readers.

Being in the personal development business he always enjoyed inspirational quotes and thought they could be of value for clients.


He wanted to take it one step further and bring the quotes to life. After some research on the internet, he realized there was nothing like this and saw an opportunity to serve the market.

He wanted something that respected people's privacy and wasn't bloated with ads like many of the products on the market. 

Initially, they were being delivered by phone! After he received a call from a client saying how much they loved it and look forward to them he realized there is something viable here.


He switched up the format from calls to email and QuoteActions were born!

Rick Itzkowich
CEO of Three Manufacturing Firms

Vistage Chair

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Author of The Referral Playbook 

Creator of QuoteActions



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