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Attract, win and retain clients with quality content!

QuoteActions are short pre-written email messages containing an inspirational quote followed by a suggested action to bring the message to life. They serve as a welcome uplifting break for people.
People choose to receive them from you 1, 2 or 5-days a week. They can unsubscribe at any time.

The automatic-delivered messages carry
your photo, logo, contact information and social media links.

How QuoteActions Work for You

Upload your photo, logo, contact information and your database .csv list.
Click “send” to invite your people to receive your personalized QuoteActions.
Sit back and relax — the system runs on autopilot.

Continue to add more subscribers by inviting people to receive your QuoteActions via your email signature, your website or in your e-newsletters.
QuoteActions are your gift to people you meet and network with!

Solves your "I don't have time or the budget to stay in front of my clients on a regular basis."
Get started today!

Continue reaching all your contacts on a regular basis for just $34.95 per month or $359 annual!

Increase Profits with Benefits Galore

  • Easy to set up and maintenance free.

  • Affordable 30-day $1 trial.

  • Turns you into a networking superstar for your business.

  • Helps you quickly fill your sales pipeline with referrals.

  • Keeps you top of mind – with NO work on your part!


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