Frequently Asked Questions

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What problem does QuoteActions solve for me?

Your financial future is in your follow up! Stay top of mind for of your clients when the buying decision is near. Allows you to stay relevant through uplifting content without selling your clients all the time. Pre-written quality content is provided and delivered at the pace your contacts request. You just send your initial invitation to subscribe out en masse or one at a time as you meet people, and the rest is taken care of for you 24/7/365.

How do I upload my connections?

We make it easy. You don’t upload a .csv file of contacts. We supply you with a message you can customize and send via your private email to invite your contacts to receive your QuoteActions. Or, many of our clients use their Mailchimp or Constant Contact accounts to copy-paste the message and send the invitation out to their list(s). Your contacts simply opt-in to the link you send in the email and they will be added to your list to receive QuoteActions.

How many subscribers can I have for the $24.95 monthly fee?

From 1 to 2000. For more than 2000, contact admin at for pricing.

What does the invitation message look like?

The message describes how QuoteActions are inspirational quotes with suggested actions to bring the quote to life. The invite gives an example of a QuoteAction. If interested, your contact gives their name, email, and how often they want to receive them. A confirmation email is automatically sent where they opt-in to receive your QuoteActions. No other action on your part is necessary.

Do QuoteActions have advertising messages?

No. We do not carry any sponsored ad messages. Your subscribers see only the quote and action, your headshot, logo, contact information, and social media share links. We don't sell ad space for our product.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. We do not collect, use, transfer, sell, or disclose yours or your contacts’ information to any third parties at any time.

How is QuoteActions different than my email newsletter?

QuoteActions are short and concise, quick to read and enjoy. And, since the pre-written content is unrelated to what you do or sell, they complement your newsletter. They’re inspirational--an elegant way for you to get your contact information in front of your contacts more frequently. So, when they are ready to buy or refer you, you are top of mind!

Can I have quotes that are specific to my industry?

No. On purpose the quotes are general in nature. This is a key benefit. People do not view the messages as sales or marketing messages from you. It’s like you’re sending them a gift or random act of kindness on a regular basis.

How often do the QuoteActions go out?

Your contact chooses how often they want to receive QuoteActions when they first submit their name and email. They have a choice to receive them once a week, twice a week , or five days a week. And, your subscribers can also easily change the frequency they want to receive them with a link in the QuoteAction.

Do you have a free trial?

QuoteActions makes it easy to get started with a “Try for $1” offer. Your credit card is charged $1 when you start your trial period. After 7 days, it will be billed $24.95 per month with no long-term contract. There is also a discounted $261 annual option.

Can I cancel QuoteActions at any time?

Yes. Just email Rick Itzkowich at of your desire to cancel.

What size should my headshot and company logo be?

Ideal image size for both images is square format at 150 x150 pixels.

Can I easily add people I meet?

Yes. You would copy-paste the provided QuoteActions invitation copy into an email to the person. You could customize the opening line with a “Great to meet you last evening….”

Can I use my email news service to invite my contacts to receive my QuoteActions?

Yes. You would use one of the Mailchimp or Constant Contact templates and copy-paste the provided QuoteActions invitation copy into the body of the template. Save and send to your newsletter list. Voila!

Can I add a QuoteActions subscribe link to my email signature line?

Yes. You would just carry the link to your invite message in your signature.

Are QuoteActions set up to be shared via social media?

Yes. Each QuoteActions has share links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

How do I know if people are liking my QuoteActions?

After your subscribers have received QuoteActions for a while, they are sent a one-time survey asking them how they are enjoying your QuoteActions. The answers are sent directly to you. This is where you hear the heartwarming stories of how a quote was perfect for a certain day in their life or how they forwarded it to a loved one.

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