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QuoteActions was created for my client retention & follow up!

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial bug entered my genes from my grandfather, who came from Europe to Mexico with nothing and built a substantial set of businesses; it was passed on to my father, who grew a small manufacturing operation into a multi-million-dollar success. On the flipside, my mother is a university professor. I have both business and education genes in my DNA. I knew I didn’t want to be just a business owner or just an educator, because I like being both.


Over the years, I’ve forged paths using the gifts I was given. From my self-development company that combined sports and learning to my position as the CEO of the family's manufacturing firm in Mexico City. In addition, I help aspiring entrepreneurs as a Vistage Chair in La Jolla, California.


My sales and marketing company, 501 Connections, combines online and offline networking with innovative products and services, I am living my dream to have no regrets and help others.

I developed QuoteActions during the recession in 2007, for my self-development business. I saw a trend in my newsletters. The cost of production—first in the print newsletters, then the email newsletters—was going up, and the readership was going down.

I wanted a way to stay in frequent contact with my clients and prospects--a way that was cost effective and would add value. At the time, my former business partner would write some articles; I saw that those articles were the ones the readers enjoyed the most. What if we could have an article delivered to people every day? That quickly proved to be a nonstarter. But I kept pressing the whole concept. I ended up with the idea of delivering quotes—motivational, inspirational quotes. I personally like them and use them in many instances.

During the recession of 2007, my self-development, learning vacation company needed a boost in business. We needed to
re-engage with our current and past clients.

I searched the internet and nothing was available that didn’t include advertising for someone else. The idea to make the quotes actionable, to bring the quotes to life, was born. My personal development company combined positive-living concepts with sports and adventure travel. It was all about giving people information through actions.

At first, we delivered the QuoteActions by phone. One client called me and said they loved my QuoteActions because they thought of me each time they received one. They wanted to use them with their own clients. That’s all it took for me to launch a new business. I changed up the delivery to email, and today QuoteActions is a visibility product used by thousands of companies worldwide to stay top of mind with their clients and prospects.

Rick Itzkowich
Vistage Chair, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author of The Referral Playbook: How to Increase Sales With Proven Networking Strategies

Rick Itzkowich
Best Selling Book on Business Networking

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