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Create positive customer / prospect experiences with QuoteActions.

"I enjoy the thought-provoking messages. I open them all, and I love the daily challenges!"
CPA Client
"Thanks for thinking of me. I love getting these 'short' positive messages."
Real Estate Agent Buyer
"What a great way to start the day."
Insurance Agent Client
"I've been using QuoteActions for three years, and I have yet to see the same one twice." Financial Planner
"Just this month I've received four referrals using QuoteActions." Print Shop Owner
"My neighbor is looking for an attorney, so I forwarded her your QuoteAction today." Attorney Client

“QuoteActions is the perfect system for BNI Directors, members and small business owners to consistently keep the value of their brand fresh in their contacts’ minds. As a recipient of QuoteActions myself, I can tell you that the daily messages I receive are truly enjoyable and any business owner will benefit from being a QuoteActions sender. Sending the gift of a simple, positive message accompanied by a motivational action is not only easy and affordable, it’s a great reflection of the Givers Gain® philosophy.”

Ivan Misner Ph.D.

Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
BNI-Business Network International

"Grand idea! Thank you a million times over for continuing (perhaps 7 years I've been receiving QuoteActions) to send these wonderful reminders of how we can all continue to excel!"
Evolution, Wildlife and Sustainability Expert

QuoteActions' creator, Rick Itzkowich, was Dr. Misner's guest in 2010 for his BNI Podcast Episode 146: Visibility Through Touchpoints. Click here to listen to it.

Continue reaching all your contacts on a regular basis for just $34.95    per month or $359 annual!

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